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When You Cannot Find the Right Pillow, Consider an ADJUSTABLE Pillow

I have spoken to numerous patients who have literally a closet full of pillows... that have not worked. The pillow is too big, too small, too hard, too soft, not allowing them to get comfortable, too low, too high. I have heard a lot.

In these cases, I always recommend that patients consider an adjustable pillow. Here are a few effective adjustable pillows that can help you get the right feeling and the right height for you personally. Check out the links for more adjustable-type neck pillows.

First, the Arc4life 3 in 1 Contoured Memory Foam Pillow. It has a zipper where you can literally remove memory foam and make the pillow shorter for yourself. This is a comfy curve support pillow that can help you sleep on your back or on our side.

arc4life trillow pillow


2. The next pillow involves shredded memory foam AND polyester fiber fill. This combination gives this adjustable pillow a softer, more effective support under the neck. The Adjustable Foam and Fiber Pillow is very easy to maneuver. 

Arc4life bamboo adjustable pillow

Remove or Add Pillow Material As Needed

Always keep the extra filling you do not use for your adjustable neck pillows. Sometimes your neck needs more support and sometimes it needs less. You can easily remove and add it as necessary.

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