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The Case for Adjustable Pillows

For some patients they  have an everchanging need for different pillows. This can happen because of an neck injury, a repetitive movement that causes pain once in a while, or perhaps a kink in the neck.They may need a softer pillow or a firmer pillow at times. What is a patient to do in cases like this? 

One alternative is to consider an adjustable neck pillow. One where the user can take out the material from the actual pillow. Yes, you can get the pump up with air  kind, but I am talking about the kind where you can open up your pillow, and remove filling to decrease the support of the pillow or add filling to increase the support of the pillow. Remove or Add Pillow Material As NeededThis might sound almost to good to be true. Could a pillow like this provide the adequate level of cervical support that you need. The answer is yes. These pillows can be easily fluffed and changed around that you can change the level of support very easily. Personally I use one of these pillows for under my knees as well. I removed much of the fiber (which was a combination of shredded memory foam AND polyester fiber fill), and made it somewhat flatter. Below is the Arc4life Adjustable Pillow:

Memory Foam + Fiber Neck Pillow for Sleeping- Adjustable Pillows for the Side & Back Sleeper with Washable Bamboo-Tech Pillow Cover

Arc4life bamboo adjustable pillow

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